Making America Patriotic Again

By Robert Gelt

I was a patriot in my youth. I joined the Air Force Junior ROTC in high school and I was excited to serve our nation! But I became disillusioned as I learned more about the problems facing our nation. Out of college I went into the money business: first in home loans then into business start-ups and consulting. My twenties were exciting to say the least: lots of successes and failures, lots of experience.

I was interested in everything and wanted to understand this big and complex world. I ended up meeting these incredible mentors and father-figures those years: doctors, natural health MD’s, authors, leaders of movements, men of renown, men who truly had something to say about our United States. I met a doctor who was arrested and jailed for curing cancer with a controversial vitamin therapy: they were hovering around a 70% success rate when they were shut down and thrown into jail! (Yes. That happened in America.) Dr James Privitera was a precious soul with the desire to only do good with his life and practice.  He had a profound influence on my life.

I met an incredible author who has lead movements in America, he had been fighting Communism (which he often referred to as collectivism) since the 60’s! Looking back that incredible man, G. Edward Griffin taught me some of the fundamental, even Biblical principles I live by to this day.  He and Dr Privitera were some of my favorite mentors and became father-figures in time. Many of the things I would go on to do in life were directly influenced by them. Even now I can still hear their voices instructing me in the ways of righteousness and freedom!

It was hard to remain a Patriot after what I learned throughout my twenties.  And the “Church-World” wasn’t helping comfort me. For years I would attend various churches throughout Los Angeles, especially, looking for a man concerned for our nation and our people – looking for a pastor and a leadership that had a vision to bless the people! But church after church, they all seemed busy, building their own kingdoms and forgetting the kingdom of Heaven on the earth.

I became disillusioned in America, I became disillusioned in Christianity and to break my heart only worse, my parents divorced those years and I watched my family fall apart! Where would a successful young man seeking righteousness find a life worth living in the early 2000’s America!? That’s how I left business and went searching for a way to save our nation and this rapidly decaying world. I wrote a book – it took me nearly 12 years! I traveled.  I saw the world. In the end, it ended up being the traveling that helped the most. Meeting people from literally the nations spread across God’s amazing earth.


I became a Patriot again after all that travel: I lived in Israel 6 months, Africa 9 months, Indonesia 9 months, I was in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Russia, Switzerland and a few other places. What I saw with my own eyes: our United States will save the world from certain devastation or we will fail – and we will witness a darkness the world has never known blanket the nations like never before recorded in human history. I saw it with my own eyes.  There is no one else. No one else on earth has the ability to stand up to this evil and hold it back.

Whether I believe the Bible or not, it doesn’t matter because the prophecies are coming true right now with or without us believing. Genetic Engineering is in the Bible, Big Pharma is warned against in the Bible, our corrupt Wall Street is represented in the Bible, etc. The Bible also paints a very vivid picture of the last wars before the end all circling around a tiny little nation that had disappeared from the world altogether for nearly 2,000 years but has suddenly reemerged: God’s chosen nation, Israel. The world is unfortunately in perfect position to fulfill all the last days prophecies in the Bible spoken Millenia ago!

I am not a fatalist. I believe we have a role to play in this incredible drama unfolding upon the earth.  I am convinced that God knows what decisions we are going to make before we make them – but we are still making decisions real time: Presidents, Kings, Rulers of Nations are all making decisions daily that whether they like it or not will one day lead to the end of this world. But I believe that we can withhold the darkness.  I believe that many things are not yet written, the stories within the story is not yet written. Will we push back on the darkness or will we marry it and give it wings to spread across the earth!?

The EU, China, Russia, the Arab Nations, Africa, the Spanish-Speaking counties, there is no one else to lead the charge – the future of the world has fallen upon our shoulders. I became a Patriot again seeing this very intimately with my own eyes: America either convinces the nations to be righteous and seek to truly bless their people, America either leads a revolution across the earth for truth and freedom or else I fear time will be shortened and some of our worst fears will come upon us.

And it’s not a time we can take matters into our own hands.  This battle is just too complex.  The world before Hitler and his Nazi’s was equally complex.  A study of those years will reveal maybe even dozens of moments wherein God Himself intervened to give the Allies often supernatural victories – imagine had Hitler achieved his evil goal of domination and destruction!? Well, the dark spirit that empowered Hitler and his evil is still upon the earth. How to battle the evil that hides deep within the hearts and minds of the powerful and average men of the earth? Guns, basements full of dried food and gallons of water, gold and silver bars will not defeat this enemy. We need altogether a different strategy.


The Bible has a lot to say about miracles. And if we ever needed a miracle it’s right now!

We have a few victories finally.  Roe v. Wade was overturned, America made a declaration to the nations and the kingdom of God – we are trying to do good again! The Supreme Court handed the states back some of the power afforded them under the constitution. We have some victories that should encourage us. But remember, this is first and foremost a spiritual battle. Our enemy is not seen at first. He stays hidden until the time is ripe to strike. No one saw Hitler coming. These leaders who slaughtered even their own people in Soviet Russia, China, Cambodia, etc. who saw that evil coming to the earth!? Would Marx and Engels still founded their movement had they known it would lead to the slaughter of millions of their own comrades!? So our enemy is often not recognized at first, he is hidden, often buried deep in the wicked desires and intents of the hearts and minds of powerful men and women.

How to fight a spiritual war then? Is the Pentagon preparing for such exercises? Does the White House wake up and consider this spiritual darkness in high places, and pray against it? Where does the salvation of America come from – when we are divided and warring like we haven’t seen for generations!? If there is a spiritual darkness there must be a light. Creation itself teaches us so. Darkness cannot be fought with more darkness but this light does in fact always win! Walk into any dark room and turn the light on.  There is no question who will win that battle – the darkness flees, every time.

My audience truly doesn’t need for me to describe what the light looks like in particular. Is the light ugly or beautiful?  How would the light respond to rage or vengeance? Would the light respond in-kind with more destruction and vengeance than its foe!? I should think not. What kind of laws would the light pass? Would the light uphold the families of the earth or wreak havoc upon them? We know the light, even in part, we know what it looks like and how it does act. We must make the choice, to choose light or else the world will be blanketed in a darkness the earth has never seen before!

In closing, consider how easy it is to destroy. The darkness always destroys life, it can build very little but leads most everything to decay and devastation. It takes patience and even a certain love to build something. Watching my children at the beach one day I learned this lesson.  For hours we together labored to create a castle and a river system using the ocean waves, sand and rock.  Out of nowhere something seemed to take control of the four-year old! She trampled our creation in seconds flat!  Why? I wondered.  Why would she do such a thing after all the hard work we just did!?  It might take a lifetime to build something worthwhile but the next generation might destroy it in merely a few days.

We must win the hearts and minds of America. If we are going to build something worthwhile we must win the hearts and minds of this generation. We must convince them that truly there is no other way: we either love each other, forgive, learn to play together, care about each other even when we disagree, seek peace, became a brand new America and quickly… or all is lost. Say it with me, “ALL. All is lost if we do not finally decide to love each other.” Nothing will be built without even a little love. No organization, no movement, no church, no nation… Nothing can be built without love.

And this light of love wins. At the end of the day Love Wins. The Bible reveals a terrible and ferocious end but it also reveals a love the world has perhaps never before seen coming to the earth!  America is worth fighting for, in love. This nation has it in her to be great again! All is not lost. But if we don’t lead these younger generations into love, loving each other, loving even their enemies… Im afraid nothing we do will last and our “Castle made of sand” will be destroyed in a few quick years.  Only love will make it last.

It’s not too late to make a change. The hour is late but some of the very best stories we have ever heard include the hero coming to revelation when all hope seems lost – and then the miracle happens and we have our victory – and our happy ending!

Such an exciting time to be alive
It’s exciting to me because I’m a believer!

I believe that God has a surprise ending in store for us!
Many are preparing for the worst of the Biblical apocalypse
But there are some of us who know that God is good and not evil.

He is a Father, who loves us.

And what Good Father plans years in advance to punish his children?

Our Good Father has plans for us – Plans that we know not of
Good plans.  Plans to bless us and not harm us, Plans to give us a Hope and a Future!!

Believe America.

The best is yet to come.

3 thoughts on “Making America Patriotic Again”

  1. Deborah Warner

    Thank you Robert. Very inspirational. In these days we need to be reminded of the blessed hope. We have a loving Father who I believe will protect his people from what is to come in these ends days. Praise God!

  2. Debra A Wheelock

    Very inspirational and much needed testimonial to the power of God’s love for us. In the name of Jesus Christ our Savior, pray often, pray loud and love one another.

  3. Amen, brother! Very inspiring and thoughtful piece. I see your vision for America and I believe it can be achieved with Faith and love! I know Abba is planning something beautiful, beyond our wildest dreams! It is closer than we think. I’d like to read your book. How can I find it? God bless you and your family brother. 🙏

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