Bridging a Great Divide: Making Peace within the GOP

February 7th, 2022

How does one make peace when those at war are content to fight!? Feeling a bit like a broken record here but for the sake of the people of America it needs to be said, when the politicians go to war one against the other, America loses.

A democracy breeds a type of warfare.  What should be debating and civil discourse quickly devolves into character assassination, slander and malicious assault beyond the guidelines of what should be political dialog. So America remains divided and with each passing election divided all the more.

It has been written, “How can two men walk together unless they agree?” Clearly, our Republic will continue with much debating and alliances will form to create factions, however, we must keep our common goal, what is blessing our nation and its people as paramount – we must learn to disagree with what the ancients called, a “Brotherly Love”. If competition rules the day and we can only see the political field as “winners and losers”, everyone loses! And eventually America, what we are all supposed to be fighting for, is lost.

It has also been written, “Be angry but do not sin.” There are some real criminals in US politics right now, more accurately, some of our elected officials need to be tried for the crimes they committed during the 2020 Presidential Election. For the sake of the morale of our nation, for the sake of the American people, we must not allow these criminals to remain free – continuing to destroy our nation.  It is not “politically advantageous” for us to assume we win 2022 and allow that to be our reckoning.  If the criminals remain free there is no telling what mischief they can cause during the next election, worse yet, there is no telling what schemes they will concoct to further erode the freedom and sanctity of our nation. There is much to be angry about right now but the question remains, “What to do about it.”

The American people need leadership! The best and most beloved leaders our society remembers all have similar qualities: their desire to unite and their caution towards division, their love for their people which is often displayed in their civility and meekness, even towards their enemies, their patience and composure during difficult times and times of crisis, the strength of their resolve to stay on course, blessing their people, even when all the world comes against them! John F Kennedy is loved for many of these qualities, MLK, Jr. is remembered for many of these virtues, President Lincoln had tremendous patience and resolve but also a kind of meekness during arguably the most trying time in our nation’s history!

To the men and women leading our nation I would say, hoping to encourage, “That brotherly-love will work! At first it might look like weakness and even a sort of naivety but there is more strength in love than there is in hate.  It has always been this way and it always will be. Love will always win the day! Look at the battle-field: the soldiers with the most love for their brother at arms are always remembered with the greatest stories and triumphs! We celebrate those who “lay down their lives friends” not merely because it is in the Bible but because it is truth! You want to inspire the power and might of the American people? Give us something worthy to follow, give us a vision that would provoke us to lay down our lives for our fellow Americans!”

I’ve been called naïve before but perhaps a little innocence is exactly what the nation needs right now. Both sides, the left and the right, are hurting and afraid: the whole nation is grieving, as are basically all the nations of the world. Covid and all the political distress that came along with it has warred against morale in a way we simply have not seen since? WW2? What other event has pulled the whole world into such tragedy – and I am not referring to the death and pains caused by the disease but the political turmoil that has come from shutting down so many of the nations of the world.

The way I see it the Republicans and Democrats are so far apart right now in their ideas for the nation – creating a real unity and brotherly-love probably cannot start between them. Perhaps a good first step would be striving for that brotherly-love and unity within the Republican party!? If the Republicans could forgive past offenses and choose to love first and then disagree in a much more respectful and responsible manner perhaps the Dems might follow the example?

America has the gravest of challenges, very complex troubles, these historic and complicated times in which we are living demand a brand-new kind of leadership: and it’s going to require of us to repent every once and a while, to admit at times when we are wrong, to relent sometimes instead of stomping our political adversary into oblivion. If we are ever going to inspire the American people into greatness, if we are ever going to become that “City on a Hill” and “Light among the Nations”, we are going to have to find leaders to help us find our way.

We need your resolve, we need your strength and surety but it can be both: you can love and be strong, you can have joy and provoke the might of the American people, you can lead with kindness but also instill fear into the enemies of the American people – it does not have to be the one or the other. This generation is looking for a new American model of politics, someone is going to step up to the plate! Who is it going to be!?

I pray they show up soon!!  For the saving of the nation,
I pray the changing of the guard happens even in this next election cycle!

Prayer still works

God still hears us!

I have great hope

Even in these challenging times
I see the light at the end of the tunnel

God Bless you all,
And God bless our precious and set apart, United States of America,

Robert Gelt

3 thoughts on “Bridging a Great Divide: Making Peace within the GOP”

  1. Amen.

    Powerful and true.

    Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the children of God

    Matthew 5:9

    I am not condemning other men or leaders when I exhort them, like my brother in Christ, to rise above division and lead and live as Christ instructed us…I chose to love God first and in obedience, love all men-especially those who disagree with me and that means for me to pray for those who I disagree with…

    I want to be known first as a child of God and believe the word of God to be true. We need peacemakers!

    Dan Hartman

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I wrote this article during a time I thought the GOP might care about the hearts and souls of our nation. They are collectively doing a great job convincing me they simply would rather fight it out. There is one way of having a discussion, a disagreement, etc. not everything should be public. The Dems have rarely fought fair but within our own party!!? Cant we rise above the noise and care about the country!? There are some really really amazing Republicans. Believe it or not I have met a few really incredible Dems, not Radical Dems but reasonable Dems. I think a lot of what we are u against is 1. Lying. 2. Wicked Hearts. 3. People who hate God

      Might seem overly simplistic but its very true. How can “we” convince someone who likes being bad to be good??

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