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Shock and Awe

Robert Gelt was watching the 2020 Presidential Election and was overcome by shock and awe. Several of the states started to stop counting ballots as early as 10 pm!? President Trump was ahead by how many votes and then suddenly they switched!? Has this has never happened in the history of our nation? Typically the counting is completed the night of the election, for decades, even if it took until the early hours of the morning. How could President Trump be hundreds of thousands of votes ahead and suddenly lose a state!? It was clear something was wrong, it was abundantly clear something was Very Wrong!

Watching all of the evidence unfold over the next several weeks, Robert was appalled by the political mess that unfolded. In Washington DC, so many of those elected to represent our democracy refused to look at the facts. The Democrats, many of the Republicans, the Supreme Court, State Governments, local governments, so many who were elected by the people to protect our democracy turned a blind eye to the worst election in the history of America! No matter how much evidence piled high: tens of thousands of affidavits, an election audit in Antrim County Michigan, a countless many whistleblowers coming forward, canvassing efforts—all the evidence pointing to massive election fraud and worse but to the overwhelming majority of “the defenders of our democracy” none of it would matter as they turn away, refusing the truth.

Watching from the Sidelines

It was hard to sit back and watch the nation unravel under this new radical administration. Robert had never been in politics before but looking at his four little children and thinking of what would become of America, the leader of the free-world, he was compelled to engage. There would be only one path—only one hope—in saving America and restoring the Light that is the goodness within America—fixing the 2020 Presidential Election and our voting systems nationwide. Robert reasoned, if they are capable of stealing the greatest of all elections certainly they are capable of stealing the smaller, less scrutinized elections. And if they can elect whoever they want, America is lost, forever. If we lose America, who will hold the darkness at bay, what just nation is there capable of leading this world into democracy and freedom? Many of the ruling class elites seem hell-bent on destroying every bastion of freedom in the world, relegating the families of the earth to mere serfdom and worse.

Freedom—the democracy that America has been representing—must be preserved. It has been said, “Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely.” So, allowing these globalists (these destroyers of nations) to have control of America would leave no power in the world to advocate for individual liberty, rights, and the pursuit of justice. The hour has never been more urgent, more desperate than right now. In the early months of 2021, Robert created a simple plan. And the Coalition was created (while at Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium) to reveal the election fraud of 2020 and to fix the many broken places within our democracy. State Rep’s from Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota all joined together at the Symposium creating a Coalition, agreeing to work together with Robert. From that humble beginning The Coalition for a Free America has developed.

Stepping Up to the Plate

Robert and his team developed and launched election audit petition sites for Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The grassroots supported the efforts of the Coalition from day one and with a very small start-up budget and the petition drive grew very fast. Robert supported efforts to write bills, petitions and other legislation to audit the elections and start to fix America’s broken elections.

Several new states want to join this coalition. There is momentum now, even nationwide, for states auditing the 2020 Presidential election and even DeCertifying the election. Arizona found so much fraud and its a shame they refused to release it all publicly, many are calling for the DeCertification of the Arizona Presidential Election, Texas is formally conducting an audit, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are all in various stages of doing a full audit. People are waking up all across the nation to the reality that we must not lose our American Democracy. WE MUST FIX OUR ELECTION SYSTEM and RESTORE THE RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT TO THE OFFICE. Welcome to our “Coalition for a Free America”

Our Future

First Steps

Primarily we are focused on fixing the 2020 Presidential Election. However, as the months pass and as we get closer to restoring the rightful President to office, the strategy will shift to creating a new election system. The computer systems the US has been using for voting for more than 30 years are broken. And worse, they are easy to infiltrate and use to manipulate elections. Believe it or not, since the early 2000’s many experts have been warning about our faulty election system; but their warnings have gone almost completely ignored. We must restore the rightful President to office but then we must fix this election system.

So Much Work to be Done

After restoring the rightful President to office, and fixing the election system, there is still so much work to be done. All the way from Washington DC on down to Main Street America. There is a radical movement in America that is eager—believe it or not—to allow the murder of babies in the womb, to destroy our borders, to impose authoritarian medical protocols, to war against our children teaching absolute lies and insanity in our public schools, etc. Its hard to understand how they are passing legislation to murder babies even after they are born – its sickening even to write the words on the page! What has become of our nation? How is this even allowed to be presented as legislation at all?! How can a modern and civilized democracy actually be voting on whether or not to allow murder? It boggles the mind. There is so much work to be done in our nation if America is to remain/become “A City on a Hill” and a “Light to the Nations”.

Pick an issue to resolve. There’s our broken healthcare system, human trafficking, and the destruction and outright robbery of the American Small Business. Then we have our tremendous debt-burden, China and their brazen bullying of their neighbors and the economies of the world. Our immigration and border troubles, the mess that was just created in Afghanistan and the middle east in general (Iran, Hezbollah, Gaza), and all the enemies ready to declare war on Israel. Pick an issue! There is so much work to be done! But again, nothing gets resolved if we lose our democracy.

Still Hope

There could be great hope in our future. The young people are more aware than ever that things need to change. Our nation needs to be fixed and the young people have more access than ever to this knowledge. But are we, as a nation, going to lead our young generations to the truth or simply fill their minds full of propaganda and our political agendas? We should be encouraging our nation and its youth to seek the truth. Can a nation survive who declares war on its own families and children? Certainly not. Can a nation thrive who steals individual rights from its citizens and forces a minorities political agenda? Hitler, Stalin and every other radical despot throughout history has destroyed the families of their nations by stealing individual rights. The founders of this United States often warned us in their writings of this evil—what would happen if we failed to preserve freedom.

The future has fallen on our shoulders. It is up to us now to save freedom for the world. America has long fought the enemies of freedom. Should our light be extinguished, what nation will remain to bring justice and equity to the earth? The history of the world is in our hands. Right now, it is up to this generation to preserve the Light before it’s too late. It’s a desperate hour but some of the greatest victories in history have been fought and won during these times of desperation.

Worth Fighting For

Hope is not lost. But someone must believe. Someone, even if it starts with a mere remnant, must choose to believe… Believers can make the difference. Believers who come together and agree that our nation is worth fighting for and that righteousness is a worthwhile cause… Such a united front can turn the tide of any war – because Truth, Justice and the greatest power of all, Love, will be on their side. If we stand for the truth with love the greatest power in heaven or on earth will be warring on our side.

For this end we do labor…

— A Coalition for a Free America

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  1. May God bless our nation and give us strength and resolve to fight back against the evil that has engulfed us. We need to get this right. We need his guidance and mercy. We need to pray for our enemy to break their strongholds on us. We need to unite as one with God!

    1. You are a dear. I miss running into you around town. God bless you, May He lift you up and cause even your enemies to be at peace with you… Love you dear.

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