Perhaps the Most Important Governors Race in America – New York State

by Robert Gelt

Friends, I have been buried in Michigan elections/politics for the past year but coming up for air – I need to bring something to your attention –

New York State has a very good chance at becoming a conservative state for the first time in YEARS, HOW EXCITING!!! Rudy Giuliani’s son, Andrew, is running an awesome race out there right now.  His website is –

Lots going on nationwide but let me remind us all of the political and global importance of New York State (and city).  Where is Wall Street?  Where is the United Nations?  Where are some of the most important decisions facing our day to day lives being made? DC.  Sure. But who is funding DC!!??  New York. Washington DC might have power but if we had to pick a city and call it Rome (ruling the world) it would have to be New York…

The nation needs to be talking about THIS Race.  The voters in New York have never been more prepared to elect a conservative patriot Republican than they are right now!! Pray.  Donate. Tell your friends.  Put this man, Andrew Giuliani, on your prayer lists. His father is supporting him 100% which means the President (of course I refer to Pres Trump) will support him!  This is OUR Dream Team coming together.  Don’t live in losses.  Advance!!

More will be coming out about Michigan in the very near future. This (DeCertify) movement is changing and what its going to change into has yet to be seen so clearly.  But one thing is for certain, we have the best patriots in Michigan on our team!! And that is not something to take lightly… is still making waves and collecting data for investigations but we are still praying and preparing for whats next.

Praying for Ryan Kelley.  Absolutely absurd what he and his precious family just went thru. Praying for the future of our beautiful state, “Make Michigan Pure Again, Lord”! Praying the right team assembles around Mr Kelley to get him to The Prize!! Its been enjoyable getting to know him a little. We need a very unique individual to fix so much broken in our state. Ryan seems to have plenty of fight in him but also heart. (

Timothy Ramthun (Wisconsin) is also a friend.  He has an uphill battle.  He kicked the bee-hive in calling for the DeCertification of Wisconsin’s 2020 Pres Election and has been under assault ever since. Pray for my dear friend Gov-Candidate Ramthun.  I care about him incredibly and hope and pray he gets to the Gov-Mansion in Madison! (

But right now, in my opinion, the most important governor’s race in the nation is Giuliani in New York! It would be amazing to THE NATION what would happen if this man gets elected.  I believe he will follow right lock-step in his father’s footsteps and throw out the globalist agenda throughout the institutions of New York City (specifically).  Someone needs to push back!  The Globalists have totally and almost completely infiltrated our nation and we are about to lose America forever.  This is a desperate hour friends and New York holds a Key!

I pray you consider supporting this Giuliani and his race to Governor.

Pray we get a man after God’s own heart, conservative, truth-filled leader for that extremely vital state. This win would be amazing for the good people of these United States… This would be a huge victory for us!!

Blessings.  Truth.  Love.

Robert Gelt

((PS. Here is the link to watch the recent Governors Debate in New York,

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