The Coalition launched,

This new software allows all voters in Michigan to audit their own vote to see if their vote counted in the 2020 Presidential Election. We have already found more than 50 “Disappeared Votes” – voters who know they voted in the 2020 election and yet we have found their votes did not count. We FOIA’d the files from the Michigan Secretary of State’s office and have had teams of volunteers checking these records. We have found so many “Disappeared Votes” that we have decided to launch this website/software to aid in finding EVERY DISAPPEARED vote throughout the state of Michigan.

We hope to expand to more states, but for now, Michiganders, go to and check to see if your vote counted! If you voted and your vote did not count? Contact us and we will help you with the affidavit process!

Then go to and sign the petition. It is time to DeCertify this fraudulent election. Immediately! The evidence is clear and convincing. DECERTIFY! Put the Elected President back into his office, Now!

Here is a promotion video for Audit Your Vote,

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